Power to Earn Money - Free Background Graphics

Free Background Images
Tile size is 150 x 150 pixels
(When using these as a background image for either a page or table, they will 'tile' and fill the complete background. )

To save an image to your computer:

1. Place the cursor on the background image you want
2. Click the right mouse button and select 'Save Picture As'
3. Save the file to a folder in your computer

The colors can be lightened or enhanced for any background by using a graphics program
and layering a color on top of the image.
(The bottom of the samples shown above were layered with white at 50%.)

Our graphics program of choice is Paint Shop Pro

Why we love Paint Shop Pro:

1.Affordable5.Animation Shop with Wizard
2.Wide array of graphics tools6.Menu Driven
3.Photo editor7.Drawing & illustration tools
4.Perfect applications for home or business8.Web graphics optimization tools

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